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About Corporate Water Leaders

Corporate Water Leaders (CWL) is a global network of working groups dedicated addressing industrial water challenges and advancing water stewardship.

The initiative brings together water management and sustainability professionals from major companies to collaborate on innovative solutions to mutual challenges.

CWL members are thought and action leaders on industrial water issues, and their efforts are paving the way for greater operational resilience and more environmentally sustainable business practices within their respective industries.

How do Corporate Water Leaders groups work?

Members jointly define and drive the focus and objectives of their respective 
working groups. 

Regular meetings are held throughout the year, allowing members to continually apply learnings internally, develop valuable resources, and publish industry guidance.

Meetings are closed to Corporate Water Leaders members and vetted subject
matter experts.

Progress is communicated through publications and events in partnership with 
Global Water Intelligence.

Working groups

Beauty & Personal Care

Eight major global brands are currently participating in the Beauty & Personal Care working group.

Textiles & Leather

Eight major global brands are currently participating in the Textiles & Leather working group.

Activity feed

LinkedIn post from H&M Group about hosting CWL
Sharif Hoque reposts H&M's LinkedIn post

About Global Water Intelligence

Our Purpose

Making the world of water work better by connecting people and ideas

Our Vision

To create the intelligent networks that unite the global water community

Corporate Water Leaders is an initiative founded by Global Water Intelligence (GWI). The water industry is regional and fragmented, but the challenges faced require broad perspective and global thinking.

Over the past 20 years, GWI has built a unique ecosystem of vertical networks and data that enables us to help our clients make informed strategic decisions about their businesses.

Leveraging our ecosystem of data and global connections, GWI is uniquely positioned to connect businesses tackling common challenges from all corners of the world, and from a range of sectors.

With the growing urgency of industrial water challenges, GWI launched the Corporate Water Leaders initiative to support industrial water users
in accessing practical information and developing key connections to drive sustainable water management and responsible operations.

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