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Mission of the Beauty & Personal Care group

The mission of the Beauty & Personal Care group is to advance water reuse and recycling in factory operations. Through a series of in-person and virtual meetings, the Group has discussed key challenges, exchanged valuable knowledge and experience, and set out objectives to meet their water circularity ambitions.

Immediate objectives & approaches

The Beauty & Personal Care group’s primary objective is to advance water reuse and recycling in factory operations, by participating in activities including:


Identifying pain points inhibiting water reuse and recycling


Benchmarking policies, standards and practices related to water management


Exchanging knowledge and experience around technology and system performance


Determining technology gaps and innovation needs


Exploring potential collaboration on technology development, collective action and advocacy


Developing guidance for the industry based on working group learnings

Beauty & Personal Care group members

Seven major global brands are currently participating in the Beauty & Personal Care group, including:



The Beauty & Personal Care group is developing a practical guide for the implementation of water reuse and recycling in industrial processes at factories. The Group shared its insights at the Global Water Summit 2023 and is currently working on its first white paper publication on the critical role of water circularity in a resilient and environmentally sustainable Beauty & Personal Care industry.

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