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Mission of the Textiles & Leather taskforce

The core mission of the Textiles & Leather group is to drive sustainable water management across operations and to mitigate water impacts at scale throughout the textiles & leather industry value chain. 

Immediate objectives & approaches

The Textiles & Leather group is collaborating on a Common Water Framework (CWF) which will provide a roadmap for embedding responsible and sustainable water management across brand and supplier operations. By unifying the industry around core principles and requisite actions, the CWF aims to build a water-resilient textiles & leather supply chain which can produce goods with minimal environmental impact.

The CWF will drive impact at scale by:


Aligning water management key performance indicators (KPIs) and definitions


Providing a methodology for reporting and assessing water-related practices


Creating a common language through which brands and suppliers can communicate their efforts, objectives and needs internally and to peers, partners and other stakeholders

Long-term goals

Foster an open and collaborative environment in which the industry can exchange information, insights and ideas to address common water challenges and identify shared opportunities

Align on the industry’s long-term objectives and promote practices that will accelerate progress towards sustainable water management and water resilience

Enhance and expand the guidance, resources and solutions available to brands and their supply chains

Strengthen the industry’s capability and agility to respond to water-related business risks and evolving regulatory and legislative requirements

Communicate knowledge, needs and efforts to key stakeholders across the value chain through a unified voice

Engage with other cross-industry and textiles & leather-focused groups to identify opportunities to support and/or build on work aimed at addressing shared water challenges

Textiles & Leather group members

Eight major global apparel and homeware brands are currently participating in the Textiles & Leather group.



The Textiles & Leather group is currently developing the Common Water Framework with the aim of publishing a peer-reviewed and tested Version 1.0 in 2024.

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